Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich

Did you know?  
Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich had the gift of recognizing Relics !

Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich  (September 8, 1774 - February 9, 1824)

  • Augustinian Nun
  • Spiritual gifts of stigmata, visionary
  • She had the gift to recognize the authenticity of relics (fake or true)
  • In the presence of the relic without any information, she was able to identify the Saint and recount his/her lifestory !
  • The book  "Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ" provides the most detailed information on the death of Christ based on her visions !
  • The movie "The Passion" was based on her book !
  • She had visions of souls in Purgatory and would spend many hours in pray for them
  • Feast Day February 9th

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